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Dialogue Ambassadors

Dialogue Ambassadors is an urban educational project whose aim is to raise intercultural competence, deepen interest in the subject of openness, counteract discrimination, and develop an atmosphere of dialogue in educational institutions among the teaching staff.

General activities

The project includes workshops, trips and study visits, conferences.


Dialogue Ambassadors play the role of representatives of their institution by taking part in workshops, trips and study visits organized by the Wrocław Center for Social Development, during which they exchange good practices,
and also gain knowledge and inspiration for new activities. Project participants receive support in difficult educational and intercultural situations through contact with specialists, non-governmental organizations and other educational institutions in the country
and abroad.

For whom?

The project is aimed at people working in Wroclaw educational institutions: teachers, educators, libraries and others.

Benefits of participation

Teachers / Educators:

  • access to current knowledge on intercultural dialogue, counteracting discrimination, methods of learning openness and respect towards
    another man, conflict resolution and methods of communication,
  • contact with specialists, non-governmental organizations and other institutions offering educational activities,
  • priority of participation in attractive trainings and specialist meetings,
  • support in difficult educational and cultural situations.

Schools / kindergartens / other facilities

Thanks to the presence of the Dialogue Ambassador, the educational institution gains a specialist who can intervene in difficult communicative or cultural situations, as well as organize interesting events. Intercultural competences of teachers and educators are being developed, and indirectly also all students, children and their parents. The educational institution gains access to new methods of working with children and young people, new educational offers and local, national and international partners. Thanks to this, it can achieve better results of its current projects or initiate new solutions corresponding to current challenges in pedagogical work.

The Dialogue Ambassadors Group has 220 people. You can join the group at any time during the school year. There is no limit to the number of Ambassadors in the given institution. Subscriptions are made via the application form.

Organizer: Wroclaw Center for Social Development (Intercultural Dialogue Group)
Financing: Wrocław Commune
Polish language
Deadline: cyclically

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