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Workshops “ABC Wrocław”

“ABC Wroclaw” is a workshop and training on various aspects of life in Wroclaw offered to employees of international companies that have their headquarters in Wroclaw. The aim of the workshop is to facilitate integration with the inhabitants of Wrocław and to raise the knowledge of foreigners in the area of local principles of social coexistence, Polish culture, tradition, law and security. The offer is directed to companies cooperating with the Wroclaw Social Development Center and the Agency for the Development of the Wrocław Agglomeration (ARAW) within the framework of the so-called Security Platform.

General actions

Workshops and trainings are conducted in English at the headquarters of companies in Wroclaw. Applications are accepted directly from companies.

Training topics

  • ABC Polish Culture
  • ABC Polish Law (in cooperation with the District Bar Council in Wroclaw)
  • ABC Security in Wroclaw (in cooperation with the Lower Silesian Provincial Police Headquarters)
  • ABC Integration Projects in Wroclaw

Organizer: Wrocław Social Development Center (Intercultural Dialogue Group), Wrocław Agglomeration Development Agency, District Bar Council in Wrocław, The Police
Financing: Wrocław Commune
Language: English
Time: periodically

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