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A series of training on counteracting hate speech has been completed

It often happens that residents have become used to these inscriptions and have no point of reference that it could be bad,” one of the police officers said at yesterday’s training.

That is why it is so important to create such “reference points” that would remind and make us aware of what hate speech is and why it is harmful. Not in a didactic manner, but supported by specific explanations, examples and actions.

Yesterday, together with WCI, we completed a series of training on counteracting hate speech. It was the 5th meeting for 48 Wrocław estates, with the participation of the Police and the City Guard.

All meetings made us aware of the importance of reaching all parts of Wroclaw and the residents. We will inform you soon about the further stage of our strategy to combat hate speech. Thank you to all participants for their commitment. Together with you we will change the space of estates for a better one.

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