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A new broadcast about multiculturalism and education in Wroclaw

What are the benefits which cultural diversity gives to Wrocław? What does integration and joint education look like in practice? About this and many other issues related to Wrocław’s multiculturalism in the new broadcast “Conversations about multiculturalism and education”.

We invite you for listening every Wednesday at 15.10 and on Thursday at 20.10 ‘Rodzina’ Radio. Today guests of Adrianna Sierocińska and Patrycja Jenczmionka-Błędowska will be:
Dorota Feliks – director of the Wroclaw Center for Social Development
dr hab. Patrycja Matusz – deputy dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Wrocław
dr Łukasz Srokowski, sociologist, trainer and educator.

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