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Wrocław is the first Polish city to join European Coalition of Cities Against Racism

On September 17, 2020, Wrocław councilors supported the decision to join the European Coalition of Cities Against Racism. In December, Wrocław was officially admitted to the alliance. The capital of Lower Silesia is the first and only representative of Poland in the Coalition.

European Coalition of Cities against Racism, ECCR is a social movement of European cities to combat racism. The initiative was established by UNESCO in 2004 in Nuremberg, Germany. Currently, the coalition includes 156 cities from 24 European countries. Some member cities: Berlin, Dresden, Vienna, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, Brussels, London, Paris, Athens, Istanbul, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki and Saint Petersburg.

Wroclaw joining the Coalition is committed to the progressive implementation of The 10  Points Action Plan. In addition, the City Hall will have to report every two years on the measures taken to fight racist behavior. The 10  Points Action Plan contains the following commitments:

  1. Greater Vigilance Against Racism
  2. Assessing Racism and Discrimination and Monitoring Municipal Policies
  3. Better Support for the Victims of Racism and Discrimination
  4. More Participation and Better Informed City Dwellers
  5. The City as an Active Supporter of Equal Opportunity Practices
  6. The City As An Equal Opportunities Employer and Service Provider
  7. Fair Access to Housing
  8. Challenging Racism and Discrimination Through Education
  9. Promoting Cultural Diversity
  10. Hate Crimes and Conflicts Management

The city also undertakes to pay an annual membership fee, which, with the current number of inhabitants more than 500 000 inhabitants is 1500 Euro.

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