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Memory of the place – memory of its inhabitants

The first cycle of educational workshops “Microgrant Workshops” organized by the Wrocław program of Microgrants entitled “Memory of the place – memory of its inhabitants” will be held on February 22 and 23 between 11:00 and 15:00.

The workshops is an opportunity to meet theory and practice, they are dedicated to selected issues related to the implementation of projects for the local community and its environment. They will be led by Aleksandra Błędowska and Justyna TIna Rudnicka.

Memory projects rely on discovering together the past of a given place. They are a great opportunity to build lasting ties between residents and their surroundings. By learning about the multi-faceted history and identity of a specific space (both the district, housing estate, as well as the street or square), they want to strive to expand the awareness of the people who live there and, thus, to contribute to neighborly integration and to shape civil society.
Workshops can be a kind of indispensable for people interested in projects of this type. Participation in classes can help raise awareness and skills in various areas, e.g. organizing projects with different thematic profiles (work with the place, its memory and identity, animation and educational activities in outdoors, involving  in initiatives new residents of Wrocław.

The lecturers will familiarize participants with the most interesting projects in this area, and will also present various sources and possibilities of using it. The organizers also plan to have some time for talks about collecting images, clippings, photographs, texts, sounds or space-specific words, inscriptions and signs. 
At the meeting, there will also be opportunities to find out how the collected elements can be processed and documented and used in activities with residents. You will also have the opportunity to use the acquired knowledge in practical activities – collecting, assembling and processing of audio and text material, as well as modifying and reusing graphic and photo materials in a new form.

The workshops will be conducted in Polish and participation in them is free. Enrollment lasts until February 19 at, in the subject please write: „Warsztaty Mikrograntów” (“Workshops of Microgrants”).
Registration for the workshop means simultaneous consent to the processing of personal data, a link to which can be found here –

The workshops will be conducted by:
Aleksandra Błędowska – graphic artist and illustrator, professionally associated with Wrocław and Sokołowsko. Co-creator of the Multimedia Studio in Sokołowsko and Makerspace Laundry Sokołowsko, where she is responsible, among others for the visual and substantive part of projects based on local heritage and identity (among others, the newspaper “Sokowieści” and “Spokodzieci”, “Sokołowsko, I remember that …”, Aerial Residency, map project Sokołowsko and tourist souvenirs).
Justyna Rudnicka – Polish philologist, musicologist, violinist, Wrocławian by birth and by choice. She is currently doing a phD at the Institute of Polish Philology of the University of Wrocław, and runs a cultural program on the Academic Radio Luz. Addicted to local activities, a regular visitor to the “Microgrants” program, she cooperates with the Foundation “Mutual Respect District of Four Denominations” and the “Pro Arte” Foundation.

More information about the event here.


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