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21st Jewish Cultural Festival of Simcha

Between 1st and 7th of June, will take place the 21st Jewish Cultural Festival of Simcha (in Hebrew word Simcha means joy). For seven days there will be interesting, and above all, joyous events.

The program includes evening Jewish music concerts and many other attractions for participants of all ages, including: workshops, meetings with prominent figures of the Jewish world, discussion panels, film screenings, exhibitions, activities for children, Jewish Fair (Sunday, 2nd of June in the courtyard of the White Stork Synagogue (Synagoga pod Bialym Boczanem) as well as the opportunity to participate in traditional Jewish events such as: preparation for the Sabbath, open devotion to welcome the Sabbath, Sabbath supper, or Havdalah ceremony. Simcha is a unique opportunity to meet Jewish culture, learn about its various elements and artistic achievements.

The entire program can be found here

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